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A Swedish Design Classic in the Making

The idea of ELDSTICKAN was born after our founder, Martina Kaski, searched – without success – for something beautiful to light her candles with. “I believed it was about time that the old matchbox got a new, more elegant form, and the notion of a glass bottle was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to create a simple yet timeless piece that added beauty and a personal touch to the home,” she explains. Less than two years in, Eldstickan is already well underway of becoming Swedish design classic.

Matches have been around for almost 200 years, but always looked the same. ELDSTICKAN is the rebirth of matches, with beautiful and playful colours, in an elegant glass bottle that comes in two sizes. ELDSTICKAN is already sold in more than 200 locations, across ten countries.


that all our matches have an FSC label. This means that all the wood we use comes from a sustainably managed forest, caring for both the environment and mankind. We love that!

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