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10 November, 2021 – Inspiration

Summer table setting with colorful matches

By: Martina

Mix and match easily with the Eldstickan, spruce up the summer table settings with colorful matches that suit all homes and styles! We show how easy it is to mix and match ELDSTICKAN this summer. This time we chose a simple and summery base that was spruced up a little extra with our colorful matches! Which color is your favorite?

Dukat bord med Rund Klassisk Skog

When you have a white base, it can be nice to add different textures to make it more lively. Here we have also chosen to decorate with different levels of the vases and the candles and the round shapes run as a common thread throughout the table setting. Round Classic Forest with its beautiful green color stands out playfully against a lighter background, but the green shade also blends in very nicely with several other colors.

What says summer more than a table filled with flowers? Make your table setting a little extra neat and decorate other things than just the vases with flowers and green twigs. Here you can of course choose your favorite flowers and decorate exactly as you want, it is only your imagination that sets the limits!

Dukat bord med glas och tändstickor och ljus från Eldstickan
Servett med gröna kvistar som dekoration
Glas dekorerat med vita blommor
Presentbox Midsommar med tre Lilla Eldstickan i färgerna Hav, Sol och Vit

A gift box from ELDSTICKAN makes anyone happy

Are you invited to a summer party and want to give something to the host to say thanks? Our gift box Midsummer is the perfect gift, both beautiful and useful!

Regardless of whether you prefer to decorate with colorful or neutral tones, it is fun to be able to mix and match ELDSTICKAN depending on your mood. Now during summer, we like to decorate with our colorful favorites. Round Eldstickan creates a calm and soft feeling, our classic Small Eldstickan is a solid and beautiful detail that the eye is happy to be drawn to.

Rund Norrsken på ett somrigt dukat bord
Round Norrsken

Liten Hav på ett dukat bord med blommor och ljus
Small Ocean
Rund Lavendel med ljus från Eldstickan
Round Lavendel

We at ELDSTICKAN wish you all a fantastic summer, feel free to share your moments with your ‘Eldstickor’ on our Instagram. Tag us in your photos with @eldstickan or use our hashtag #eldstickan so we can share your great moments!