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14 December, 2021 – Inspiration

Christmas Gift Guide

By: Ida

Finding the right Christmas gift can sometimes feel challenging, therefore we at ELDSTICKAN has gathered some of our favourites in a neat little gift guide – so that you can relax and enjoy what’s left of this cosy season.

To Mom

To all mother’s that loves lighting candles, our hand-cast candles together with Large Eldstickan are the perfect gift to put under the tree. The Large White gift box contains a beautiful cylindrical glass container with an elegant white label and long sturdy sticks with a white top. Perfect to light the fire and chandelier with.

To Dad

To he who has everything – and a little more, who thinks that money should be spent on “something sensible” and not on unnecessary gifts. Yes, it can sometimes be difficult to find the perfect gift for this type of person. But not this year, this year you can put a nice – and sensible gift – under the Christmas tree, in form of a Fire Extinguisher.

To Brother or Sister

Surprise your sibling and give something unexpected – crammed with care and love. Our Fire Alarm Box makes them feel safe and secure in their home for many years to come.

To put in the Christmas stocking

Buying just for the sake of buying does not feel fun for either the one who gifts, receive or for the environment. Therefore, we want to tell you about the perfect gift to put in your Christmas Stocking, Small Eldstickan.

Small Eldstickan contains elegant and useful matches that suit everyone. And did you know that you can refill the elegant bottle with new matches from our refill boxes when they run out, smart right?

To your Best Friend

Maybe you have a real gem for a friend who deserves a little extra love and care? Show your appreciation with the gift box All black filled with two matches named after the two gemstones, Emerald and Rhodonite, as a symbolic gift for everything your friend means to you.

We would love to see your ELDSTICKAN gifts this Christmas, share them on #eldstickan at Instagram