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Fire Blanket – IN SWEDISH

This is not a book, this is a fire blanket. A fireproof interior detail from Eldstickan that is stylish enough to be anywhere in your home, so that you can quickly access it in the event of an accident!

The text on the product is in Swedish, but it works fine for fighting fires in any language

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Product Information

Every second counts. A fire can start suddenly and develop quickly. This fire blanket is designed to help you put out small fires in, for example, the kitchen or in connection with candles. It can also be used to reduce the spread of a fire that has already flared up. The blanket is made of a dense fibreglass material that withstands temperatures up to 500 degrees. Store the blanket centrally and easily accessible in your home. Let all family members know where it is and how it should be used in the event of an accident.

This item is approved according to European standard SS-EN-1869

The text on the product is in Swedish. But it works fine for fighting fires in any language

Cover: 27.3 x 18 x 4.5 cm
Fire blanket: 1x1M

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