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Swedish Midsummer


The Midsummer gift box contains the colors Sea, Sun and White.

The color Sea in a classic cobalt blue tone brings to mind harmony and calm. The beautiful shade is reminiscent of mirror-shiny archipelago water. Like the sun on a glorious summer day, the Sun is a timeless color that, regardless of the time, creates energy and joy and gives hope. The White color has become a hallmark of Scandinavian minimalism and is a stylish classic that always feels right.

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Product Information

Our Midsummer gift box with three Small Eldstickan is a beautiful and useful gift that contains the colors Sea, Sun and White. The elegant gold-lined box is designed exclusively for Eldstickan and comes wrapped with a black silk ribbon.

Small Eldstickan is nine cm tall, holds about sixty matches of standard size and has the igniting surface on the back of the label. The elegant bottle gives your home a personal ambiance and its snug size makes it easy to carry around as you light your candles.

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