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Smoke Alarm Box Sea
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Smoke Alarm Box Sea

A SAFE CHRISTMAS GIFT! Smoke alarm + matchsticks.

The smoke alarm box is the perfect Christmas gift to give to e.g. the world’s best father. The gift box contains elegant matches in a glass bottle beautifully matched with a white smoke alarm. Choose from Christmas’ best-selling colors Burgundy, Forest or Sea.

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Product Information

We at ELDSTICKAN want to contribute to a safer and more stylish home. That’s why we’ve created this both beautiful and useful gift box, filled with elegant matches and a smoke alarm with a sleek design. A perfect gift to give someone you want

Our innovative and unique design has transformed the classic matchbox into a beautiful interior detail. Small Eldstickan is nine cm tall, holds about sixty matches of standard size and has the igniting surface on the back of the label. The elegant glass bottle filled with matches in selected colours has a place in every home.

Smoke Alarm Box Sea contains a smoke alarm with a stylish and discreet design that fits all homes and styles. It’s easy to install with a 3Mdouble-sided tape or with the included mounting screws. The entire unit’s surface works as a test button and it has a strong warning signal of 85 dB, that warns the entire household. The smoke alarm has an included lithium battery that lasts for up to 10years (non-replaceable). After 10 years of use, it is recommended that you replace your smoke alarm.

Weight: 414g
Dimensions: 5.5 x 13.6 x 18.8 cm

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